My Office Receptionist

Sanketik My Office Receptionist Service is telephony Services hosted Securely is Cloud Environment

My Office Receptionist Service connects you with your customers 24 x 7. Greet the callers with a personalised welcome message, manage call extensions, leave a voicemail, manage call logs and recording in real-time.

My Office Receptionist Service provides, among many other things, a way for an external caller to be directed to an extension or department served by a PBX system without using Direct Inward Dialing or without switchboard attendant assistance.


To be the most preferred Telecom solutions provider in India and abroad.

  • Saves My Office Receptionist Space, Manpower and Infrastructure Costs
  • Connects you to your customers 24×7 even when you are not in office. No leads lost!
  • Makes it possible to attend Multiple Calls at a time. No Busy Lines.
  • Manages your official calls in a professional and consistent manner through Professional Automated Prompts
  • Can be made LIVE on both a Mobile Number or a Landline Number
  • Call Recording Feature and Voice Mail Features available
  • Full Track of the process and MIS available at all times through Online GUI


  • CRM Integration – User can access all call data and recordings of your customers directly in CRM
  • Multiple service give with single panel
  • IVR
  • Call forwarding
  • API for SMS and Call details updating in CRM
  • Conference
  • Fax
  • Voicemail
  • Missed Call
  • User friendly platform
  • Real Time Detailed Call Logs report available with call catergory
  • Single Campaign can run in multiple slots